"One thing I liked at Red Bird was YOU! Your wonderful cheery smile and attitude, the magical outdoor time you gave to the children, the photos your shared with us, the sweet and thoughtful graduation party, your positive outlook and also the way your really got to know my D….. I think the most positive thing about Redbird was D’s relationship with you. I always knew that D... was seen and loved, which is not the same as at a bigger facility."
"Thank you, HenaSusha, “ I like her because she teaches me things.” “I like her because we play outside with her”, “I like her because she has snack time”. We are so grateful for your nurturing love with has helped A… grow so much. Love, …..”
"Dear HenaSusha, Thank you so much for the generous amount of time you spent with us and the tour. We all four enjoyed it! I love how you let the children lead in their interests while we were at the school, the mindfulness you brought throughout the visit, the outdoor adventure that the children enjoy, and your attentiveness to spirit as well as physical needs. As you heard, E…. "loved everything" about Red Bird Preschool 🙂 I know that S... had a wonderful time as well and seem to have grown just a little more after her first visit to 'school.' When we finish the move, we would love for the girls to attend your school together! … Thanks again! "




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